Building Security, Visitors, Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Parking

Building Security

All doors are locked for security. Visitors must use only the Damon Ave. entrance for entering and exiting. All visitors need to be “buzzed in” and are required to come into the Office waiting area before proceeding any further. All visitors must sign in/out in the Visitors Log Book and wear a visitors’ badge while in the building. To keep disruptions to a minimum, forgotten items should be dropped in the office and they will be delivered to the child’s classroom at a convenient time.


A visitor is considered any person who enters the school other than a student or staff member. Whenever you visit the school, please make your presence known to the Main Office. Sign the Visitor Log and pin a Visitor badge onto your clothing. All individuals not wearing a Visitor badge will be asked to return to the Main Office, sign in and obtain a badge. This policy ensures the safety of the students and minimizes interruptions in the classroom. When you leave the school after a visit, please sign out and return the badge.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

This is to ensure a safe and smooth transition from home to school.

  1. Before getting into the car to drive to school:
    • Kisses and hugs
    • All backpacks and any instruments are packed and ready to go
  2. Cars that are dropping students off in the drop-off zone that are coming from Cochrane Street should stay to the right of the island (see red arrow).
  3. Pull your car all the way up to the “No-Standing” sign in the drop-off only area just before the crosswalk (see blue car on map).
  4. If there is a car already in the drop-off area, pull all the way up to the car in front of you (see orange car on map).
  5. Student exits the car.
  6. Parent stays in the car.
  7. Parent drives off without watching their child get to their line and carefully watches for pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk.

Important Notes

By following these procedures there will be a steady flow of cars arriving and leaving the drop-off area.

  • Cars should not back up to pull around a car in front of them because they are perceived as taking too long.
  • Cars should not pull in front of other cars in the drop-off area if there is an open space. If all drivers follow these simple steps there shouldn’t be any spaces.
  • Cars should also not be stopping in the middle of the road to drop-off students and should not be dropping off students in front of the parking lot entrance (see purple minivan on map).
  • People should refrain from having conversations with walkers while dropping students off in the drop-off zone.
  • Cars should never park next to the center island in the morning or afternoon (see yellow car on map).
  • Please only use the drop-off area if your child is able to exit the car and walk to their morning line independently. This way there will be no need for parents to get out of their cars.
  • The corner space across the street from the school parking lot is not a legal parking space. It needs to be clear for busses and other large vehicles to make the turn safely (see bus on map).



Please do not drive in the parking lots when dropping-off or picking-up children.  Please respect the “No Parking” and “Handicapped” areas.