Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I complete the HM PTO Survey this year?

A: Click on the link below… and thank you!

Q: How do I join the PTO?

A: If you are reading this, you are already a member of our organization. All parents, teachers and staff are part of the PTO.

Q: Who can participate in PTO events and issues?

A: Anyone interested in working with the PTO is urged to volunteer. Please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Q: When does the PTO meet?

A: Meetings take place in the All Purpose Room on Wednesday evenings at 7pm (generally first Wednesday of the month). A reminder and agenda will be sent home prior to each meeting date.

Q: Is it necessary to attend PTO meetings?

A: While attendance and/or participation is not required at any PTO sponsored event, we believe that attending our meetings gives parents wonderful insight into the everyday happenings at our school.

Q: How do I present an item for discussion at a PTO meeting?

A: Very simply, by contacting the Principal or any PTO Board Member, or by sending an email to the PTO at [email protected]