Horace Mann PTO By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be the Horace Mann School Parent Teachers Organization, hereinafter referred to as the P.T.O.


To promote the welfare of children in home, school and community. To promote cooperation and improve communication among parents, teachers school officials and the community. To raise revenue and coordinate the use of resources in order to improve the education of all children in the community.


The P.T.O. shall be non‐commercial, non‐sectarian, and non‐partisan. No commercial enterprise and no candidate shall be endorsed by it. The name of the P.T.O. or the name of its officers in their official capacities, shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or for any purpose that doesn’t directly benefit the P.T.O. as a whole. The P.T.O. shall not seek to direct the administrative activities of the school or to control school policies.


Section 1. Any parent or guardian of a pupil enrolled in the Horace Mann School, or teacher associated with the school through employment, is a member of the P.T.O.


Section 1. The Executive Board will decide the days and times of the meetings, taking into consideration membership preferences.

Section 2. Advance notice of all meetings, whether regular or special, shall be given either by reading the notice at the immediately preceding meeting or by sending notices to the members of the P.T.O. forty‐eight hours in advance.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Board.


Section 1. Officers — The officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice‐President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each officer shall have one vote. Any office may be shared by no more than two persons that act as co‐officers. Any and all Co‐Officers’ votes only count as a 1/2 vote.

Section 3. Executive Board — The Officers, Standing Committee Chairpersons, and immediate past President shall constitute an Executive Board, along with the School Principal and at least one member of the teaching staff. In the case of a co‐chaired committee or shared office, the committee or office is allowed only one vote. Any standing committee may be co‐chaired, but no committee may be chaired by more than two persons. In the case of a co‐chaired committee, the committee is allowed only one vote.

Section 4. Term of Office — The President, Vice‐President, Treasurer, Secretary and Standing Committee Chairpersons shall serve for at least one year.

Section 5. Nominations — The President shall appoint the Chairperson of the Committee. Nominations for Officers shall be made by a nominating committee composed of a Chairperson, the Vice‐President, and one member of the organization. Nominations will be submitted to the committee, in writing, by members of the P.T.O. Additional names of nominees will be suggested by the committee. The committee will report the name of at least one candidate for each position to be filled. Voting need not be limited to the committees nominees. The consent of each candidate must be obtained before his/her name is placed in nomination. The nominating committee shall be organized at least one month prior to the election of officers.

Section 6. Elections — Officers shall be elected by written ballot in the month of April. Ballots will be distributed to all members of the P.T.O. Officers shall assume their official duties following the close of the meeting in May.


Section 7. Vacancies — A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled, until the time of the next regular election for that position, by ballot votes of the members of the Executive Board. The consent of any candidate to fill such a vacancy must be obtained before his/her name is placed in nomination.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the P.T.O. and the Executive Board; shall coordinate an agenda to be published to the members of the organization prior to each meeting; shall with the cooperation of the Executive Board prepare the annual budget of the organization; shall appoint other committees as needed; shall be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer; shall perform all the other duties pertaining to the office.

Section 2. The Vice‐President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board in the absence of the President. He/she shall be responsible for promoting membership in the Horace Mann P.T.O. Additionally, the Vice‐President will report any political activities as needed to the President and Executive Board that may impact Horace Mann.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and/or deposit receipts of the P.T.O. He/She shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and shall pay out funds only as authorized by the P.T.O. The Treasurer shall present a written statement of account at every meeting of the P.T.O. Other duties of the Treasurer include being responsible for implementing fundraising activities in accordance with the school calendar. He/She will work with the Head Room Parent Coordinator, a coordinator for each fundraising event and additional committee members as needed. After each fundraising event, the Treasurer shall submit, to the President, a written report of the event, including the amount of money raised, identity and assessment of vendors, and any other useful and descriptive information.


Section 4. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all regular meetings of the P.T.O. and of all meetings of the Executive Board, a copy of which shall be available for each member of the P.T.O. at the next meeting. He/she shall also post a copy of the previous meeting minutes on the P.T.O. Web site prior to the next meeting. He/she shall also be responsible for notifying members of all regular Executive Board meetings, and for publishing a brief agenda. He/she shall also coordinate all P.T.O. correspondence and notices, including the school calendar.

Section 5. The Library Committee, in conjunction with the faculty, shall establish short and long term goals for the Library and submit a budget to the Executive Board in May of each year. The Committee shall purchase books and periodicals, run the Book Fair and obtain Library Volunteers for each classroom at the beginning of the school year.

Section 6. The Creative Arts and Science Committee shall propose programs in accordance with the school calendar and shall select an initial program for the upcoming school calendar year following the selection of the upcoming school calendar year theme. These selected programs must be presented to the Executive Board for approval, as far in advance as reasonably possible. The Committee shall also be responsible for coordinating and implementing school wide enrichment programs which support suggestions of the School Council and classroom programs, as the budget allows. After each program, the Committee shall verbally discuss the program with the teachers, the Principal, and any other members of the Executive Board in attendance. Each will be asked to discuss the appropriateness and quality of the program.

Section 7. The Hospitality Committee shall be responsible for providing refreshments at all appropriate meetings and coffees, shall coordinate and plan Teacher Appreciation Day, shall be responsible for all gestures of goodwill to the teachers, staff, and children of the Horace Mann Community as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board. This shall include but not be limited to gifts, flowers and monetary endowments.


Section 8. The Mini‐Grant Committee is responsible for reviewing Mini‐Grant Proposals, which should be submitted by December 1 and April 1. The committee is comprised of the Principal, P.T.O. Treasurer, two P.T.O. Officers, one member of School Site Council and two P.T.O. parent/guardian volunteers. Each Mini‐ Grant Proposal awarded by this committee will not exceed $500 and will be noted at the next P.T.O. Meeting. Proposals, which exceed $500, will be presented and voted on at P.T.O. Meetings. The budget awarded to this committee will be decided at the November P.T.O. Meeting.


Section 1. The Executive Board shall have general supervision over the affairs of the P.T.O. between business meetings and shall prepare the calendar of meetings, events and functions, and make recommendations to the full membership.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall prepare and submit a budget to the P.T.O. for approval.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall have the authority to approve routine bills within the limits of the budget.

ARTICLE IX: Director, Melrose P.T.O. Inc.

The Treasurer or a designee shall be a Director on the board of Melrose P.T.O. Inc. Such party will represent the Horace Mann P.T.O.’s interest and shall act within the Articles of Incorporation and by‐laws of the Organization.


Section 1. The privilege of making motions, debating and voting shall be open to all members of the P.T.O. Ten members of the P.T.O. shall constitute a quorum. A two‐thirds majority rules on all voting issues. All meetings shall be conducted by the rules of Parliamentary Law, as prescribed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 2. If action is required before the next scheduled P.T.O. meeting, the President may conduct a telephone poll of Executive Board members to determine what action is to be taken. A majority vote will prevail, the President having made an earnest attempt to contact all Board members. The result of any such telephone polls) shall be reported by the President to the P.T.O. members at the next scheduled meeting.


These by‐laws shall be reviewed annually and may be amended at any Organization meeting by a two‐thirds vote of the members present and voting, notice of said amendment having been read at the previous meeting and written notice having been sent to the membership prior to the meeting. By‐laws will be made available to the membership at the September meeting, and additional copies of the by‐laws will be provided upon request.