Crazy 8 Math Club


An After-School Math Club Like No Other!

Any kid who likes math should get to enjoy more of it.  Bedtime Math has created Crazy 8s Club, a kit that any school or public library can order to host 8 weeks of after-school math club. The club has versions for pre-K, grades K-2, and grades 3-5. And it’s nothing like the competitive-worksheet clubs that appeal to a select few; with lively activities like Bouncy Dice Explosion and Zip Line Zoo, Crazy 8s can appeal to any child. We’re making math club the cool thing to do. Our goal with Crazy 8s is nothing short of overhauling our country’s culture around math. While many Americans dislike or even fear math, we hope to raise a next generation who loves numbers. Here’s how Crazy 8s fulfills that mission:

★ It’s recreational: Crazy 8s is hosted after school only, so kids think of it as another playtime alternative like sports, chess or dance.

★ It’s social: The crazy activities get kids working together, building together, running and jumping together. Kids bond over math in a whole new way.

★ It’s part of daily life: The clubs run 8 consecutive weeks so that it’s woven into the fabric of a child’s routine.